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Did you know we were the first language-learning app? It’s true! We’ve always been about providing users with convenient access to expert-crafted lessons. With every update and new product feature, we continue to find new ways to help users learn.


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I want to speak

I want to speak...

Love this app ! It really teaches you and helps you retain the language. I've tried several different ways to learn Italian and this is the best by far.


Learning Italian

Fantastic app - makes learning and from scratch easy, fun and effective. It looks good and is designed so you really do remember the vocab and practice the grammar.


Learning German

I love this program. It is engrossing and I've learned more in a week than I have in years in traditional Spanish courses.


Learning Spanish

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No random words and phrases. Babbel teaches you language skills for real life scenarios.

Learn through conversation

Long-term retention

Babbel reintroduces words through six memory stages, using the technique of spaced repetition.

Designed with you in mind

Every learner is different. That's why Babbel offers personalized learning paths.

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